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The King of Palma – Life according to Bruno

80 minutes, Video (35mm), 16:9

The King of Palma could be taken for an aging film star when he walks his best friend Flocky, a little white dog, through the old part of town. Slightly bent forward, a cigarette propped in his mouth, whenever the 64-year old man stops, his body teeters like a metronome. When he's excited or happy, he rubs his hands together. His black hair is short and parted with great precision. When he talks to you, his kind blue eyes are both curious and penetrating at the same time.

“My name is Monsieur Bruno Regnault de Maulmin. I live in this street. And I am, maybe I am, how could I say, I might be the King of Palma. One could say: The King of Palma. I don't know if everybody knows. I think that I am the King of Palma, because I am sitting in the café and I go for a walk with my dog. But I am not like the King of Spain. I am the King of Palma, because I behave respectably."

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