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„The King of Palma – Life according to Bruno“
a film by Alix François Meier

Documentary, 66 minutes, video, 16 : 9

with Bruno Regnault de Maulmin, Blandine Regnault de Maulmin, Jaime Homar y Ferrer de St. Jordi, Teresa Homar Regnault de Maulmin, Jaime Bruno Homar Regnault de Maulmin and Flocky & Rupit

Produced by Alix François Meier Film & TV Realisation in co-operation with Cinetica and Weitwinkel

Directed by: Alix François Meier
Cinematography: Peter Klotz, Alix François Meier
Editor: Nicole Fischer
Music: Arnaud Solazzo Solartnow
Sound design: Takis Sariannidis
Postproduction: AHA International Media
Production assistent: Lisa Schoefer
Producer: Alix François Meier

© 2010 Alix François Meier Film & TV Realisation