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The King of Palma – Life according to Bruno

The king of Palma moves like Charlie Chaplin, looks like Mr. Bean and seems an aging film star when he walks his best friend Flocky, a little white dog, through the old part of town in a slightly bent position and with a cigarette in his mouth. When he's excited or happy, he rubs his hands together. His black hair is short and parted with great precision. When he talks to you, his kind blue eyes are both curious and penetrating at the same time.

“My name is Monsieur Bruno Regnault de Maulmin. I live in this street. And I am, maybe I am, how could I say, I might be the King of Palma. One could say: The King of Palma. I don't know if everybody knows. I think that I am the King of Palma, because I am sitting in the café and I go for a walk with my dog. But I am not like the King of Spain. I am the King of Palma, because I behave respectably."

Every day the Frenchman roams his kingdom in the heart of Palma de Mallorca. His quarter has the charm of a small Italian village: Sandstone-colored walls line the narrow, winding streets and alleys, sturdy houses with small doors stand next to venerable palaces and convents. This is his exterior world.

Bruno's inner world is the world of a twelve-year-old boy, one that he perceives in a very personal way. Bruno is a diagnosed schizophrenic. What matters to him are the little things in life, and his everyday encounters. What matters is when God talks to him, when he's helpless because his dog Flocky won’t accept his lead, when he's wondering why the police haven’t arrested him on his walk, when his 10-year old niece puts him into fancy dresses, or when a forgotten jar of mayonnaise runs out in his pocket.

Bruno lived in Paris by himself until 1991. He was all on his own, unable to cope with daily life. He would simply spend money until he had nothing left. In order to avoid sending him to a home for the mentally disabled, his French-Majorcan family decided to take him in. With much love and understanding, they help him to lead a relatively normal life. Bruno is very vital and optimistic. He often discovers new things in his life and is amazed at them. He hates maliciousness, violence, injustice and immoral behaviour.

He could be considered a perfect citizen, if it weren’t for his illness with his changing moods and the fact that even small things can completely disconcert him.

The film accompanies Bruno through his daily routine. The deeper we delve, the more we realize that Bruno’s life isn’t always as easy as it looks. And when his best friend Flocky disappears, his life goes completely out of control.