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I met Bruno for the first time 10 years ago, during the production of a documentary in Mallorca. Since then, we have gotten together on a regular basis.

I have been fascinated by his direct manner and gaze, combined with his gentle voice and the child-like innocence in the body of an older man.

His personal view of the world and his observation of the small
things happening around him have made us both laugh many times over the years. There was the time when, completely undisturbed by the clear blue skies and complete lack of wind, he announced that a terrible thunderstorm was imminent. Or when he told me that he had taken two showers in the morning – one good, and one bad.

I admire his family, who decided to take Bruno in rather than put him in a home for the mentally disabled. They care for him with love and patience. When I began talking about the idea of making a documentary film about him, my colleagues at ARTE offered to help me produce the film.

Over the course of several years, we followed Bruno through his daily life with our cameras. The result is an intimate, moving and highly animated portrait of a special man. We invite you to become acquainted with Bruno.

Alix François Meier